Our stone is packaged to secure and protect the product in transit.
Most of our full veneer stone and landscaping products are palletized and sold by exact weight.  We offer a combination of 2 ton and 1 ½ ton pallets standard.
1 ton pallets are available by request.*

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We offer the following products on standup pallets standard:

  • 1”-1 ½” Eden Flagstone
  • 1”- 1 ½” Mountain Crest Flagstone
  • Eden Thin Flagstone (¾“ +/-)
  • Eden Pavers and Mount Crest Pavers

All other Flagstone products and small quantity (less than 1 1/2 ton) paver products are shipped standard on laydown pallets. If you prefer stand up pallets for these items as well, your sales representative will be happy to help.

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Thin Veneer is packaged in crates or small boxes.
A standard crate or “Big Box” contains 120 square feet of thin veneer stone flats or 70 linear feet of thin veneer corners.
Small boxes or “Handi-Paks” contain 8 square feet of thin veneer stone flats or 6 linear feet of thin veneer corners.

Big Box/Crate                                                                                        Handi Pak/Small Boxthin stone veneer crate   thin stone veneer box






Custom crates are built for delicate custom pieces.  Special crating is highly recommended whenever your custom product ships on an LTL carrier.

*Surcharges apply for special packaging requests.